Arduino Macro Keyboard

DIY Macro Keyboard using an Arduino Pro Micro, 3D printed parts and some other hardware modules.

cover image



  • Arduino Pro Micro as HID device
  • 8 configurable keyboard switches and 1 rotary encoder
  • Independent profiles for keys and encoder
  • Touch sensor to detect interaction
  • A ws2812b LED module lights-up the pad upon profile changes and when the touch sensor is touched
  • OLED display to show usage info
  • Menu Button (placed below the OLED display) with key-test playground

Arduino sketch

Find it at ./sketch/pro-micro_dentex_macro-keyboard.ino.

Libraries used:

  • HID-Project
  • Adafruit_NeoPixel
  • SSD1306Ascii
  • Keypad

3D printed parts

Printable STL files are available in the relative folder. The ./FreeCAD folder contains the 3D project (the main file to be loaded in FreeCAD is #_MACRO-KEYBOARD_v12.FCStd)



A partial connection diagram is present into the ./images folder. It covers the keyboard and the rotary encoder. For the other connections, rely on the Arduino sketch and the arduino pinout.


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