Reflow Hot-Plate

DIY Low-Cost Reflow soldering platform for single sided PCBs

This project is designed to facilitate reflow soldering for SMD components using the heating plate from an old electric iron, an Arduino Uno board and a Solid State Relay to switch the heating element, along with a few electronic components. This eliminates the need for a full-fledged reflow soldering station for simpler, single-sided PCBs and makes high-quality soldering accessible to independent scholars, tinkerers and small institutions alike.

All components selected for this project are commercially available on Indian websites (,,, etc). Product links mentioned in the parts list are merely suggestions and subject to availability. None of the contributors to this project are associated to any such website and neither intend to promote the former, nor earn any commission from any sales generated from the given links.

Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License (

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