D3D11 and GFSDK stubs for use with the Northstar dedicated server.

These stubs were originally developed for and are included in pg9182’s docker image to eliminate the need for a real or emulated GPU and the resulting overhead (~1GB of RAM on Linux, multiple GB on Windows, on emulated GPUs). Northstar unreleased and later will include these stubs by default.



To compile the stubs on Linux, install mingw-w64 (both GCC and Clang work fine) and meson, then run:

meson setup --cross-file misc/mingw-w64-cross.txt build
meson compile -C build

You may be able to compile the stubs on Windows, but this has not been tested.


These stubs should be loaded in place of the original DLLs. On Windows, place in the bin/x64_retail directory, overwriting the existing DLLs. On Linux/Wine, put them in the same directory as the game executable, and set the Wine DLL overrides such that d3d11 is native and d3d9 is not present.

The stubs can also be loaded via a launcher from an absolute path with LoadLibraryEx since relative imports will automatically refer to the first DLL loaded with the same name.

If the stubs have loaded correctly, you should see a message in the console like initializing d3d11 stub for northstar.

See here for more information about the DLL search order on Windows.


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