I have one of those generic relatively cheap Sit Stand Desks. In an effort to monitor my desk usage I developed this overkill solution for integrating the desk into a smart home like Home Assistant.

In addition to reporting the height, the ESP can also send commands to activate saved memory profiles or move the desk manually.

In combination with a chair occupancy sensor like this one, you can move the desk into sitting position upon taking a seat.

This is a custom Component for ESPHome based on the ESPHome UART Bus.


  • a compatible Standing Desk (so far only my desk has been tested)
  • ESPHome 2021.12.0 or higher
  • Home Assistant Core 2021.12 or higher


  • Clone this repo
  • Copy the components you need from desk.yaml

- platform: custom
  lambda: |-
    auto desk_sensor = new UartDeskSensor(id(uart_bus), <base height>, <correction factor>);
    return {desk_sensor->desk_height, desk_sensor->desk_is_moving};
  • replace <base height> with your desks lowest desk height
  • (optional) replace <correction factor (optional)> with a correction factor, otherwise remove this part
  • Install and run on a ESP of your choice

An example configuration can be found here.


This Component can provide the following entities:


  • M1
  • M2
  • M3
  • M4
  • Up
  • Down


  • height
  • is moving


On my particular model the Handset is connected via a RJ-45 connector.

Control Box Handset
Control Box Handset

The ESP is connected according to this wiring diagram. It replaces the Handset.

ESP             RJ-45 (T-568B)   Control Box
            1 (Orange/White)    - 
            2 (Orange)          -
VIN ------- 3 (Green/White)     - 5V
            4 (Blue)            -
            5 (Blue/White)      -
GND ------- 6 (Green)           - GND
TX  ------- 7 (Brown/White)     - RX
RX  ------- 8 (Brown)           - TX

Be aware that most ESPs run on 3.3v!


For information regarding the communication between the Controller and Handset look here.


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