This program will crack any password in Winrar

Copy the code in notepad and save it as .bat extension

Then double click on the batch file to run it

Write name of the rar file and write the path of the rar file

Note: the rar file should be in the path C:\Program Files\WinRAR


This program is made to break Winrar passwords. It is able to run on Windows and Linux, all you have to do is to install conan, cmake and Winrar.
For now, conan is useless because I don’t use any library. Ideally, this project will have a dedicated window in the future.
All is said in it’s title: this program can test every possible solutions to break the Winrar password. By every possible solutions, I mean that it can test every printable string.
A set of flags is available:

-a  Enable all printable characters
-l  Enable lowercase letters (enabled by default)
-u  Enable uppercase letters
-n  Enable numbers
-s  Enable symbols

You can choose your combination in terms of your needs.


The more characters you add, the slower the execution time. A good processor is advised. To speed up the execution time, I have some ideas but it will be added in the future.

This project only made for fun and I’m not aiming to break every single winrar password 🙂.

Getting started

Installing conan

Conan is a dependency manager used by our program to make it works. To compile it, you need to install it if this isn’t already installed on your machine. Then, there will be some remote links to add to conan.

Installing cmake

The compilation is made with CMake. This program is needed to compile the project. Follow this link to download it if this isn’t already installed on your machine.

Compiling the project

To compile your project, execute the following command according to your OS:

Windows: ./compile_win.bat

Linux: ./

Your brut forcer will be found in the root directory of the project as RarBrutForce(.exe).


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