CoRBeC++: An Exact Solver for Cluster Editing Problem

The Conflict Reduced Best-fit Cluster is a software for
solving the cluster editing problem. The cluster editing problem is to transform an input graph into a cluster graph (a disjoint union of complete graphs) by performing a minimum number of edge-modifications (addition or deletion).
This repository provides an exact solver for the cluster editing problem.
For a detailed overview of the techniques used in our solver, please refer to the following resource:

  • Exact Solver (PDF)



  • A 64-bit Linux operating system
  • A modern, C++17 ready compiler
  • Gurobi ILP Solver (Version >= 9.5) (download)

Build Application

  1. Clone the repository including submodules:

    git clone --recursive

  2. Build the binary:

    If the Gurobi Version is 9.5 (make changes in the command depending on the version number):

    g++ -O2 corbec++.cpp -o corbec++ -I/opt/gurobi950/linux64/include -L/opt/gurobi950/linux64/lib -lgurobi_c++ -lgurobi95

Run Application

Reads a cluster editing instance (a graph file in .gr format) from stdin and prints the modifications along with the details of steps performed to stdout.

A usage example would be:

cat testcases/ | ./corbec++ > modifications.txt

By default, the solver runs for 30 minutes and the number of threads is set to 4.

The time limit of the solver can be adjusted via the --time-limit flag (in seconds):

cat testcases/ | ./corbec++ --time-limit=100 > modifications.txt

The number of threads used by the solver can be adjusted via the --num-threads flag:

cat testcases/ | ./corbec++ --num-threads=56 > modifications.txt


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