Convert runtime_block_states*.json from steadfast to more simplified format and use on other platforms.

Example for Nukkit:

    private static void setupFromSteadFast() {
        InputStream stream = Server.class.getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("runtime_block_states.json");
        if (stream == null) throw new AssertionError("Unable to locate block state");
        Collection<SteadFastEntry> entries = new Gson().fromJson(new InputStreamReader(stream, StandardCharsets.UTF_8), new TypeToken<Collection<SteadFastEntry>>(){}.getType());
        for (SteadFastEntry entry : entries) {
            int legacyId = << 6 |;
            legacyToRuntimeId.put(legacyId, entry.runtimeId);

    public static class SteadFastEntry {
        private int id;
        private int data;
        private int runtimeId;


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