Control multiple GoPros

Test phase! Function unconfirmed!

Steps to use Set:

  • Board: ESP32 Dev Module
  • Flash Size: 4MB
  • Partition Scheme: Huge App

Upload sketch

Connect PC or Mobile to ESP WiFi SSID: GoPro_RC Password: 00000000

Open in Browser

Put your Cam in pairing mode (remote) for first time connecting

Klick “Connect/Pair new” in browser

If your device is listed after several seconds, you can start and stop the recording

TIP: The serial monitor shows a lot of information at the same time


  • find out how many cameras it works with at the same time
    • Max tested is 3 (2022-06-24)
  • find out with which models the code works
    • Hero 7, 8, 10 tested ok (2022-06-24)


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