FMI Kindle

Console application which stores books and allows users to read, write, comment and rate books.


  • login: You can login if you have already registered, using your username and password.
  • signup: You can sign up if you have not registered yet.
  • logout: If you are currently logged in, you can log out at any time.
  • write: You can write a book and add it to the available “books to read”.
  • addPage <book title>: You can add one more page to a book you have written.
  • removePage <book title>: You can remove the last page of a book you have written.
  • rates <book title>: You can see ratings of the book as well as the average rating for the book.
  • comments <book title>: You can see the readers’ comments of the book.
  • read <book title>: You can read a book from the available “books to read”.
  • read <book title> <page>: You can read a book starting from <page>.
  • rate <book title> <rating>: You can rate a book you have already read.
  • comment <book title> <comment>: You can comment on a book you have already read.
  • editPage <book title> <page>: You can edit a page of your book.
  • editRage <book title> <rating>: You can edit your rating of a book.
  • exit: exit the program.


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