Collision Aware Soft Robot Simulator Based on Geometric Computing


  • Link: Paper Video Code

  • Authors: Guoxin Fang∗, Yingjun Tian∗, Andrew Weightman, and Charlie C.L. Wang

  • IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2022), October 23-27, 2022, Kyoto, Japan, under review, 2022


    The code of our paper is compiled using qmake and Eigen. A recommended IDE is Visual Studio with embedded qt tool.

    Windows 10 (Recommended Platform): Visual Studio 2019 + Qt 5.12.x

    The installation guide of this IDE is here: Video Demo

    • After install Qt tool, open visual studio 2019, then select “Extensions” -> “Qt VS Tools” -> “Open Qt Project File (.pro)”. This will automatically generate the Qt Vs project.
    • Right click “shapeLab”, set “shapeLab” as the start-up project
    • Enable OpenMP: ShapeLab Project Property -> ‘Configuration Properties’ -> c/c++ -> Language -> Open MP Support -> Select ‘Yes (/openmp)’
    • Open Console: ShapeLab Project Property -> ‘Configuration Proerties’ -> Linker -> System -> Select ‘Console (/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE)’ in ‘SubSystem’
    • QT Version: if you install a different qt version and meet with an issue open the UI after compile the project, you may first check and find ‘Qt5Core.dll’, ‘Qt5Gui.dll’, and ‘Qt5Wdgets.dll’ in the QT installed folder and add to ‘../shapeLab/release/’ folder (Visual Studio will generate this folder after you compile the project). For Debug mode, you need to add ‘Qt5Cored.dll’, ‘Qt5Guid.dll’, and ‘Qt5Wdgetsd.dll’ to ‘../shapeLab/debug/’ folder.


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