Easarea – A area cacalator software

This software is created for leaning pruposes, thats mean it’s not
a super profetional program to use to do perfect things, but you can
install it if you want to test. For while this software is on a BETA

Okay but… How I can install it?

If you use Linux or MacOS you can use this command:

sudo make install

but if you want to compile only you can write:


For while don’t have a Windows version of installer, you can compile
and install for yourself in this case.

How to use?

This software only work by commands, so if want to do something the
comandas works similar of this:

easarea [command] values ...

for example to calculate the area of a triangle with a base of 10 and
a heigth of 35 you need to digit this command:

easarea triangle 10 35

the output will be this a simple 175

for more command you can write easarea help in the terminal

Created by: Samuel de Oliveira 2022


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