Eurorack Arduino parameters library

Work-in-progress, classes designed for handling Eurorack inputs in Arduino platform projects and mapping values to object-setter functions.

Based on code extracted from my envor2 and talkie projects, currently used by sidenhancy.

Currently working

  • Analogue inputs via Rob Tillaart’s ADS1X15 library
  • Convert incoming analogue level to frequency in 1v/oct fashion
  • MenuItems for mymenu that allow changing Parameter values and ParameterInput-Parameter mappings


  • Make the usual analogRead()-based classes work again
  • Make the GateInput classes work again, to trigger on/offs
  • Provide scaling logic for eg opamp-scaled inputs
  • Make envor2 and talkie use this library
  • Docs/examples how to use the library in a project from scratch


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