LED Fireworks

Clap activated LED firework display for arduino-based micro-controllers.

An ESP32 has been used, but can be swapped out for simpler boards such as the Arduino UNO, nano etc.

In the demo below, the project is powered from a 10,000mAh power bank with an output rated at 5V, 3A. This output is able to support a light strip with a length of 144 pixels (actual amount 240), with pixel brightness set to 35.



Other equipment such as jumper cables, double sided tape etc. not included above.



Lights freeze and/or change to various colors

This can be caused by a power supply problem when many lights are active at once. Use a multimeter to check whether the voltage drops significantly below 5V.

This can be resolved in one of the following ways:

  • Replace the power supply with one that can provide a sufficient amount of current without too much voltage drop
  • Lower the overall brightness of the strip (use pixel.setBrightness(n) in setup)
  • Lower the maximum amount of worms to prevent too many lights being active at a time
  • Reduce the length of the strip

Microphone output is always reading LOW/HIGH

The microphone sensitivity can be adjusted with a screwdriver via the potentiometer.

The module includes 2 LEDs.
LED 1 (right side) indicates power, while LED 2 (left side) indicates a ‘HIGH’ digital signal.

The module should be calibrated such that LED 2 is off.

If LED 2 is on, rotate the potentiometer counter-clockwise just enough until the LED turns off.

If LED 2 is off, but does not turn on when making noise, rotate the potentiometer clockwise until the LED turns on, then rotate slightly backwards until the LED turns off again.


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