carcas engine for linux and android 2d.

There is support features

  • display sprite
  • display text

How to add resource file?

Add to directory assets your file. Open the file to_download.h and fill by pattern.

#pragma once

#define TO_STRING_FILENAME(name) name##_STRING


#ifdef __ANDROID__
#define LINK_LOGO_STRING                  "logo.res"
#define LINK_LOGO_STRING                  "assets/logo.res"

then open the file donwloader.cpp and find the function donwloader_load and fill by pattern.

Link *downloader_load (const enum TO_DOWNLOADS file)
        switch (file) {
                case LINK_LOGO:
                        if (link[LINK_LOGO] == nullptr)
                                link[LINK_LOGO] = load_link (TO_STRING_FILENAME (LINK_LOGO));

        return link[file];

Now you are can to load this resource once and use it with some objects on scene.

        logo = new Sprite ();
        logo->shader = global_shader[SHADER_MAIN];
        logo->link = downloader_load (LINK_LOGO);
        logo->set_pos (0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
        logo->set_width (1.0f);

How to add own shader?

Implement class Shader.

class Shader {
                virtual void init (uint32_t type) = 0;
                virtual void render (void *data) = 0;

This is example how to implement shader for simple 2d sprite.

#include "shader-simple-2d-opengl.h"
#include <GLES3/gl3.h>
#include "sprite.h"

ShaderSimple2DOpenGL::ShaderSimple2DOpenGL ()

void ShaderSimple2DOpenGL::init (uint32_t program)
        this->program = program;
        glUseProgram (program);

        this->uniform_ortho = glGetUniformLocation (program, "ortho");
        this->uniform_position = glGetUniformLocation (program, "pos");
        this->uniform_cur_texture = glGetUniformLocation (program, "s_texture");

void ShaderSimple2DOpenGL::render (void *data)
        Sprite *sp = static_cast<Sprite *>(data);

        glUseProgram (this->program);

        glActiveTexture (GL_TEXTURE0);
        glBindTexture (GL_TEXTURE_2D, sp->link->tex[sp->cur_tex]);

        glUniform1i (this->uniform_cur_texture, 0);
        glUniformMatrix4fv (this->uniform_ortho, 1, GL_FALSE, &sp->ortho[0][0]);
        glUniformMatrix4fv (this->uniform_position, 1, GL_FALSE, &sp->pos[0][0]);

        glEnableVertexAttribArray (0);
        glVertexAttribPointer (VERTEX_COORD, 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, sp->link->v);

        glEnableVertexAttribArray (1);
        glVertexAttribPointer (TEXTURE_COORD, 2, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, sp->link->t);

        glDrawArrays (GL_TRIANGLES, 0, 6);

The Shader should to create once and uses in all program. Here is the implementation render of Sprite.

void Sprite::render ()
        play_animate ();

        shader->render (this);

The shader knows how to use fields of sprite. Then is just add this shader to sprite class.

        logo->shader = global_shader[SHADER_MAIN];

How to add animation to sprite?

Just simple to point your preferences in methods of sprite class.

void set_animate_range (int index, int start, int end)
void play_once (int offset, int what)
void set_speed (int offset, int speeds)

How to add multilanguage?

Just to create files in assets/lang. For example there is two files end.txt and rus.txt. Each line in file is index in global array text. Open a file translates.h and fill by pattern.

#pragma once


#define LANG_TO_STRING_RES(name) name##_RES

#ifdef __ANDROID__
#define LANG_ENG_RES                          "lang/eng.txt"
#define LANG_RUS_RES                          "lang/rus.txt"
#define LANG_ENG_RES                          "assets/lang/eng.txt"
#define LANG_RUS_RES                          "assets/lang/rus.txt"

inline char **init_list_lang ()
        char **file = new char *[LANG_N];


        return file;

Open the file text.h and fill by pattern.

#pragma once 

enum TEXT {

Then you can use this.

extern Language global_language;
void LevelLogo::load ()
        global_language.set_language (LANG_RUS);
        text->link = texter->generate_link (global_language[TEXT_HELLO_WORLD], 18, 0);

You can point a constraint for text. For example you can point 18 * 20.

void LevelLogo::load ()
        global_language.set_language (LANG_RUS);
        text->link = texter->generate_link (global_language[TEXT_HELLO_WORLD], 18, 18 * 20);

This is will restricted 20 words by font size troughout by width.

How to add new level?

Implement ILevel class.

class ILevel {
                virtual void clear_screen (Graphics *graphics) = 0;
                virtual void load () = 0;
                virtual void handle_button (enum EVENT_TYPE type, int x, int y) = 0;
                virtual void render () = 0;

In Game::loop add a new level and point global_cur_level to start.

void Game::loop ()

        level = new ILevel *[LEVEL_N];
        level[LEVEL_LOGO] = new LevelLogo ();

        global_cur_level = LEVEL_LOGO;

        level[global_cur_level]->load ();


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