sfl library

This is header-only C++11 library that offers several new containers:

All containers are defined in namespace sfl.

About small vector

sfl::small_vector is a sequence container similar to std::vector.

sfl::small_vector holds statically allocated array of size N in
the object itself.
The container stores elements into this array until number of elements is not
greater than N, which avoids dynamic memory allocation and deallocation.
The dynamic memory management is used when the number of elements has to be
greater than N.
The size N is specified at the compile time as a template parameter.
In case when N is equal to zero the container does not hold any statically
allocated array and uses only dynamic memory management.
In case when N is equal to zero sfl::small_vector behaves just like

About other small containers

sfl::small_flat_XXX are sorted associative containers similar
to std::XXX sorted associative containers.

sfl::small_unordered_flat_XXX are unordered associative containers similar
to std::unordered_XXX unordered associative containers.

The storage model of sfl::small_flat_XXX and sfl::small_unordered_flat_XXX
is identical to the storage model of sfl::small_vector.
That means that (1) all of them store elements contiguously in the memory,
(2) iterators to the elements are random access iterators and
(3) all of them hold statically allocated array of size N in the object itself.


The only requirement is C++11 compiler or newer.

Tested with GCC 4.8.5 on CentOS 7.

Installation and usage

This is header-only library.
Just add include/sfl directory to your project and #include what you need.

You can copy include/sfl directory with its contents into your project

The header files in include/sfl are not mutually dependent.
That means you can copy into your project directory only what you need.
For example, if you need sfl::small_vector container then copy only
small_vector.hpp into your project directory.

Detailed documentation

The detailed documentation is located in doc directory.
It is written in asciidoc format and then converted to html file format.
Generated html files are located in doc/html directory.
I recommend reading documentation from html files because html files are
rendered much better than asciidoc files.
Unfortunately, github can render only asciidoc files.
To view html files, first download them onto your computer and then open
using your favorite web browser.


Directory test contains test programs for each container.
I didn’t write unit tests because this was easier for me.
Test programs are checked with valgrind tool.


Licensed under zlib license.
The license text is in LICENSE.txt file.


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