meteosource_cpp – Weather API library

C++ wrapper library for Meteosource weather API that provides detailed hyperlocal weather forecasts for any location on earth.


The meteosource_cpp library needs following software installed:

On Debian platforms, you can install these libraries using:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev
sudo apt-get install libjsoncpp-dev

Get started

To use this library, you need to obtain your Meteosource API key. You can sign up or get the API key of existing account in your dashboard.

Library usage

To use meteosource_cpp, you only need to copy all *.cpp and *.h files from src folder into your project. Then you can #include "Meteosource.h" and fetch the weather data you need.

Example usage is shown in example.cpp. You can compile it by simply running make, and run it by ./example. Be sure to change variables api_key and tier in example.cpp to your actual API key and tier before compiling.

Usage notes

The library uses parameter values and variable names with the same convention as the API itself. One exception are nested variables, such as wind.speed in the API. This library uses _ to separate the levels, so wind.speed becomes wind_speed. You can see the available variable names for the individual sections in src/Data.h file.

The library uses empty string as default value for std::string variables, NAN for double variables and -9999 for int variable (only icon variable).

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