C++ text to speech application which acts as a personal assistant.

Firstly one must download and install espeak speech synthesizer. The link is:
Now the espeak.exe application must be placed in the same folder where the c++ application is being stored.

If you need to listen to the speech, then you must include these 4 lines of code:

string phrase = “whatever message you want to listen to”;
string command = “espeak “” + phrase + “””;
const char *charCommand = command.c_str();

To open any file format in the system, then command is:
ShellExecute(NULL,”open”,”file path”,NULL, NULL, SW_NORMAL);

Note: in file path, please put two \ wherever there is one \

To open a browser:
system(“start url of browser”);

To open .exe files such as ms word,paint,excel notepad etc:
CreateProcess(TEXT(“file path”), NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE, NULL, NULL, NULL, &startInfo, &processInfo);

To play audio using mcisendstring:
mciSendString(“open “path of audio” type mpegvideo alias mp3″, NULL, 0, NULL);
mciSendString(“play mp3”, NULL, 0, NULL);

Other small details are mentioned in the video. Please do watch it.


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