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C++ Multiplatform Modular Toolkit Template

Nativium Philosophy: Write Once And Compile Anywhere


Write a single code in C++ and compile for any platform.

Supported platforms:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • tvOS
  • watchOS
  • macCatalyst
  • Web Assembly (WASM)

This template project generates libraries and executables that share the same C++ code between them.

The generated binary can be used in a new project or an existing project.

You can also write platform-specific code that talks to C++ code, and you can write C++ code that talks directly to platform code. An example would be a C++ code that talks to the mobile platform (Java and Objective-C) to know the battery level, or a code used on the mobile platform that uses C++ libraries to access the database and make HTTP requests.

Nativium Guide

How it work?

Nativium have two main concepts:

  • modules: what code and dependencies need be compiled
  • targets: how the code will be compiled (each platform is a target)

What tools was used?

  • python: to write all scripts (everything work from command line)
  • cmake: to organize source code and projects to be compiled
  • conan: to compile all C++ dependencies
  • djinni: to generate glue code between C++ and mobile


This is a template repository that let you start easy and now your own project.

Think about the code instead of C++ project structure and organization, it is already done with Nativium.

Download this template and check sample apps to test and see it working on mobile, desktop and web.

Every command to setup, prepare, publish and generate final binary can be executed from command line and you can use any editor to work with Nativium.

Each piece of code is separated by modules, making easy extend with custom code or any other C++ code and library.


Read all about Nativium in the auto-generated documentation:


See Web Assembly (WASM) demo here :

Other projects

These projects were made using the Nativium architecture with a feature called custom install, showing the power of the Nativium project in different types of projects.

  • Modules: Lof of modules already implemented for Nativium.
  • HTTP Server: HTTP server sample to create your backend, api or microservices (linux, macos and windows)
  • Game: Game sample that run on all platforms (linux, macos, windows, ios, android and wasm)

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