C++ example project scanned on SonarCloud using GitHub Actions

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This project is analysed on SonarCloud!

This simple example ignores analysis cache and multithreaded execution both of which can boost analysis significantly.

It is very easy to analyze a C, C++ and Objective-C project with SonarCloud and GitHub Actions:

  1. Create a sonar-project.properties file to store your configuration

  2. In your .github/workflows/build.yml file:

    1. Download the Sonar Scanner

    2. Download the Build Wrapper

    3. Wrap your compilation with the Build Wrapper

    4. Run sonar-scanner as the final step

  3. Make sure that you have your token stored as a secret in your repository (SONAR_TOKEN). You can request new tokens using Account/Security page.

You can take a look at the sonar-project.properties and build.yml to see it in practice.



A build of the code repository on a Linux platform using CMake build system.

To build the code run:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

Code Description

An example of a flawed C++ code. The code repository is meant to be compiled with different build systems using different CI pipelines on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

The code repository is forked into other repositories in this collection to add a specific build system, platform, and CI. The downstream repositories are analyzed either with SonarQube or SonarCloud.

You can find examples for:

Using the following build systems:

Running on the following CI services:

Configured for analysis on:

You can find also a few examples demonstrating:

See examples-structure.adoc for a description of the structure of this GitHub organization and the relations between its different repositories.


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