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CPK Package Manager

Very light and easy and fast native package manager to install C/C++ (priority), JS, Python, Rust packages and compile sources when it needed. Same package can be in muitple form for different languages.

Main purpose of this package manager to have simple C/C++ manager with posibility to post packages like npm, and also provide functionality to support same algorithms and code base on different languges, so if someone wanna quicksort package in their project on Python – they will get and if need same one for C++ he will get it with same command.

Implemented on C/C++ and provided for Linux, Mac OS, Windows arch.


Install package:

cpk install package

Publish your own package:

cpk publish

Update all pacakges:

cpk update

Available commands

Create a new application with the following options:

  • install PACKAGE – Install package
  • publish – Publish current package
  • update – Update tree of packages


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