Overflow Rust CHEAT FIXED!

Bypass hooks an imported function inside dxgkrnl.sys. This imported function resides in watchdog.sys, and is called when NtDxgkCreateTrackedWorkload gets called from win32u.dll

NtDxgkCreateTrackedWorkload syscall win32u.dll -> NtDxgkCreateTrackedWorkload dxgkrnl.sys -> (half way through function) WdLogEvent5_WdError watchdog.sys


This hook could be detcted if two things occur

  1. If EAC scans watchdog.sys for hooks (%99 doubt they do, its just some random windows non-pg protcted module why would they)
  2. If EAC scans and compares all loaded drivers (doubt too would cause to many false positives probaly?)

To pass the struct I used shared memory. I think the bypass is safe, although the renderering method is probaly not.
Method I used to render: https://github.com/thesecretclub/window_hijack


  • Recoil Control
  • Auto Pistol
  • Spiderman
  • Admin flags
  • ESP
    • Player
    • Scientist
    • Stash





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