Builds a Docker image for APPLgrid production.

Build instructions

First acquire the dependencies, applgridphoton and the NNPDF/external repo. Run:

git clone
git clone [email protected]:NNPDF/external.git

Check out the correct branch of the NNPDF/external repo, and build using the standard Docker command:

cd external && git checkout MG5_fixed && cd ..
docker build -t applgrids .

You should then be able to run the Docker image with:

docker run -it applgrids

Docker Hub image

A pre-built image is available from Docker Hub,

APPLgrid production

To make an APPLgrid, enter the MG5 directory, and run MG5.

cd /hepsoftware/external/MG5_aMC_v2_6_4

Make sure to refuse any update! Generate, output and launch a process via:

generate p p > t t~ [QCD]
output nlo_test
launch nlo_test

Switch to fixed_order mode when prompted. You must also change the
run_card so that pdlabel=lhapdf, and iappl=1 (at this stage, the APPLgrids are
being prepared, but are not being filled). You must also change the analysis
to topdrawer, since APPLgrids do not work with the standard HwU analysis.

Complete the run, then launch again:

launch nlo_test

This time, you must pick iappl=2 (at this stage, the grids you prepared
on the first run are now being filled), but leave all other settings
untouched. After the run completes, you have made an APPLgrid!


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