sshcred is an information gathering and brute-force tool for SSH(Secure Shell) protocol. sshcred also allows you to open shell session for executing remote commands.

About sshcred v0.0.3

  • bugs fixed
  • brute force speed is improved
  • opening shell sessions


  • Linux
  • Windows
  • macOs
  • Termux (Android)


  • C++ compiler
  • OpenSSL library
  • libssh library

The only things needed to run sshcred is OpenSSL, libssh and a C++ compiler, I recommend using gcc/g++ on Unix-Based OS, MinGW on windows and clang on termux


Demo Image1 Demo Image2

Installing libssh – Linux & Termux

apt-get install libssh-dev

Installing sshcred – Linux & Termux

git clone
cd sshcred
sshcred --help

Installing sshcred – Windows

You’ll first need to install the OpenSSL and libssh on windows after done that you run this command on command prompt.

cd sshcred
g++ -c src/sshcred.cpp
g++ -c src/shell/shell.cpp
g++ src/main.cpp sshcred.o shell.o -lssh -o sshcred
.\sshcred.exe --help

Everything is for educational purposes as usual. Do follow me on GitHub if you appreciate my hard work and for more projects like this.

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