BoostedBreak – The Boosted Board Reverse Engineering Project


BoostedBreak aims to be a comprehensive reverse-engineering project for Boosted Board products, created by axkrysl47.

Currently, BoostedBreakCAN is the first and only project under BoostedBreak – more projects to come later.

BoostedBreak was made as an attempt to be a spiritual successor to rscullin’s BeamBREak project.


BoostedBreakCAN is the latest reverse-engineering breakdown of Boosted’s CAN protocol that exists between V2/3 batteries & electronic speed controllers.

(A special credit goes to David Wang, founder of XR General Hospital, who helped source me the parts I needed to get this project off the ground.)

Latest Release – v0.0.1

v0.0.1 is the initial published release of BoostedBreakCAN, a Visual Studio C++ project that interfaces with a PCAN-USB adapter from PEAK-System.

What’s Next…


I (axkrysl47) am currently in the process of acquiring more Boosted products for testing. I will be sure to update BoostedBreakCAN with any new findings I make.

Further, the SRB and XRB emulators, as well as ‘brief mode’, are not yet implemented and will require a good amount of effort to complete. If there is high enough demand, I can look to push those up my task list.


As soon as I acquire another remote for testing, I plan to start BoostedBreakBLE to attempt to reverse-engineer Boosted’s Bluetooth protocol that exists between V2/3 electronic speed controllers & remotes.


For anyone who is interested in contributing to this project, please reach out to me either on XR General Hospital’s Discord community (@axkrysl#8179) or on the Boosted Board reddit page (@axkrysl47). I will be sure to credit you with any and all contributions you make!

Also, feel free to learn more about my previous projects and presentations, found on my YouTube channel.


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