Binary Data Analysis Tool

This software is designed to simplify the process of investigating an unknown binary file.


  • Hex viewer

    • Automatic likely number/ASCII highlighting – no longer need to stare at a wall of characters looking for 3F8s etc.

    • Visually connecting with known markers or structures – a direct line from known data to its description

    • Custom number (int32) range highlighting – a way to look for known 4-byte identifiers

  • Markers

    • Support for all basic data types ([u]int8/16/32/64, float32/64, char)

    • Packed, stride-based or mixed-mode (2D) array support – can mark vec3s in a struct

    • Support for ignoring beginning/end flag bits – for handling offset + flags packing

    • Basic analysis (min/max/GCD for both values and deltas) – allows to easily differentiate offsets/indices and match them to data based on the indexed range

  • Structures

    • Serialized or offset-based

    • Built-in or struct field types

    • Fixed, count-based or size-based array fields

    • Automatable substructure instance creation – once the format is well understood, the structures don’t need to be created by hand

  • Query/offset expression language

  • Image visualization

    • Uncompressed formats: RGBA8, RGBX8, RGBo8, G8, G1, RGB5A1

    • Palette formats: 8BPP_RGBA8, 4BPP_RGB5A1, 4BPP_RGBo8

    • GPU formats: DXT1, DXT3

  • Mesh visualization


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