Cartesian Planner ROS Package

C++/ROS Source Codes for “Autonomous Driving on Curvy Roads without Reliance on
Frenet Frame: A Cartesian-based Trajectory Planning Method” published in IEEE Trans.
Intelligent Transportation Systems by Bai Li, Yakun Ouyang, Li Li, and Youmin Zhang.



  1. Request ma27 linear solver code from HSL for IPOPT, follow the installation instructions from IPOPT
    HSL autotools

  2. Install deb package from CASADi Releases.

    sudo dpkg -i libcasadi-v3.5.5.deb
  3. Clone repository to any catkin workspace and compile workspace

    cd ~/catkin_ws/src
    git clone
    cd .. && catkin_make



Random test case with 6 pedestrians, 3 moving vehicles and 2 static vehicles.

roslaunch cartesian_planner pedestrian_test.launch

Click anywhere in Rviz window with the 2D Nav Goal Tool to start planning.



Special thanks to Baidu Apollo for common math libraries

Copyright (C) 2022 Bai Li and Yakun Ouyang

Users must cite the following article if they use the source codes to conduct simulations in their new publications.
Bai Li, Yakun Ouyang, Li Li, and Youmin Zhang, “Autonomous driving on curvy roads without reliance on Frenet frame: A Cartesian-based trajectory planning method,” IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, available at, accepted, 2022.


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