Arduino sketch to operate new PSA devices (NEA2020) – especially IVI – on AEE2010 BSI

Work in progress

The current sketch is a PoC (Proof of Concept), still have many things to fix:

  • Map ambiance colors on 0x220
  • Fix AAS sensors
  • Fix CVM / Speed sign issue
  • Fix Cruise control
  • Fix Climate control

Real life examples

IVI on 208
IVI on 208 (P21E)

IVI Zone changes

Fix 2cm black headband on HangSheng 10″ by changing screen type from C2 to C

Zone Data byte[0] Data byte[1] Data byte[2] Data byte[3] Data byte[4]
2102 04 11 10 0A 08
2102 04 11 10 0A 07

Special thanks

🇮🇹 Hallahub from Forum-Peugeot


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