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Arduino library for DHT sensors – integer only


This is an experimental integer only library, based upon – – version 0.4.12

Goal is to reduce footprint by using integer math only. This way the lib becomes more usable for processors like the ATTINY 45 or 85.

As the library only uses integer math it will not trigger the automatic including of the floating point math libraries. This will save additional memory unless other code uses floating point math.

Compare DHTINT versus DHTNEW

Sketch: ..\example\dhtint_minimum.ino

replaced DHTINT with DHTNEW

platform library sketch size variables
UNO DHTNEW 5730 341
UNO DHTINT 3978 321
delta 1752 20
ESP32 DHTNEW 206730 13464
ESP32 DHTINT 206110 13456
delta 620 8

Gain is most substantial for the UNO platform.

Raw data access

To access the decimal part the following two functions are added. These give access to the bytes that are low level communicated. The user can decode these values to get the integer + decimal part. This can be used for efficient storage or transmission.

  • uint16_t getRawTemperature()
  • uint16_t getRawHumidity()

Note these functions have no equivalent in the DHTNew library (yet).


  • Keep in sync with DHTNEW.
  • Test more


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