Group 105 “The Thing Makers” IDP Software

Software files for “The Thing”.
Please see final_competition for our most up to date program.

System Diagram

System Diagram


Component Tests

Basic component programs to test motors, sensors and servos.

  • analogue_LF_sensor_test – calibration of analogue line follower sensors
  • digital_LF_sensor_test – prints state of line follower sensor to calibrate against table
  • IR_sensor_test – serial write distance readings from IR sensor
  • motion_functions – all motion functions
  • motion_serial_test – send serial commands to control motion
  • motor_test – basic motor testing
  • servo_test – test servo actuation
  • ultrasonic_test – test ultrasonic sensor

Integration Tests

Analogue Line Following

Tests leading up to the first competition with line following using analogue pins and thresholds.

  • LF_test_analogue – test for analogue line following
  • collect_block_test_1 – program to test millis() timing over ramp, servo actuation, return and delivery
  • collect_block_test_2 – program to test robot pushing the block before grabbing it
  • collect_block_test_3 – program to test grabbers pushing the block before grabbing it
  • deliver_test – intitial program for deliver block calibration
  • find_block – initial attempt at end box search algorithm
  • first_pass_test – first pass line follow, rotate, deliver test protocol
  • rotate_180_test – test line follow and 180 degree rotations at junctions
  • two_pass_test – first competition program

Digital Line Following

Post-first-competition tests with improved digital line following.

  • digital_LF_test – tests digital line following algorithm
  • three_pass_search – three passes with search
  • three_pass_ultrasonic – three passes with search and identification
  • two_pass_digital – first competition program modified with digital line following
  • two_pass_ultrasonic – tests block identification with ultrasonic sensor

Main Programs

Finalised code used for competitions.

  • first_competition – first competition program scoring 80 pts
  • final_competition – final competition program scoring 150 pts
  • final_competition_refactored – finalised final competition program


  • Test motors, servos, line sensors
  • Motion commands with serial control
  • Line following algorithm
  • Perfect 180s
  • Push button / serial command + time delay to start program
  • Three journey test protocol
  • Switch-case structure
  • Introduce decision-based LED signals and movement LED
  • Write servo actuation code
  • Write block detection code
  • Fix deliver_block_test for first pass using timer
  • Integrate all modules to date
  • Optimise and improve consistency of deliver_block_test
  • Write first competition program
  • Write third pass search, store, fetch algorithm
  • Implement search into program and test
  • Write block identification code

Function Flowchart


journeyLogic() Flowchart



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