lucidgloves- Firmware and 3D Print Files

This repo contains the arduino firmware as well as the STL files for Prototypes 3 through 4 of the LucidVR glove. This is a finger tracking glove that allows you to use your hands in VR. Follow along with Lucas_VRTech’s developments on his Tiktok page:


Join the LucidVR discord server for assistance:


Open the firmware files located in the firmware/lucidgloves-firmware folder.
By default the firmware is configured for an arduino nano using serial.
To configure the firmware, change the defines in the lucidgloves-firmware.ino file.

Configuration instructions are here: Configuration Instructions.

Tested boards:

* Arduino Nano

Supported Communication Methods:

* USB Serial
* Bluetooth Serial (On ESP32 boards)
* BLE (Soon, not up yet)


STL files for 3D printing are located in the hardware folder.
Prototype 4 models are currently experimental

The assembly for each hand is as follows:

For Prototypes 3 and 3.1 –

  • Spool (5x)
  • Tensioner (5x)
  • Cover (5x)
  • Holder (5x)
  • GuideRing(Will need to be resized) OR GuideNode(3.1) (2+ per finger, 1+ for thumb)
  • EndCap (1x per finger, will need to be resized to fit)

For Prototype 4 –

  • HapticSpool (5x)
  • Tensioner_GreenPot (5x) OR Tensioner_WLPot (5x)
  • SpoolCover (5x)
  • RigidMount (2x) (One for each hand, make sure to flip for other hand)
  • WLPotSlideHolder OR WLPotElasticHolder OR GreenPotSlideHolder (5x)
  • Quest2_MountSlider OR Vive3.0_MountSlider (2x)
  • GuideRing (Proto 3) (Will need to be resized) OR GuideNode (Proto 3.1) (2+ per finger, 1+ for thumb)
  • EndCap (Proto 3) (1x per finger, will need to be resized to fit)

Guide for printing parts: Printing guide

Required parts for each hand: Parts Lists

  • Joysticks for locomotion
    • will be making a DIY treadmill eventually as well for those who would prefer that
  • Buttons (Most can be replaced with gestures) (One is required for autocalibration)

More information will be available on the LucidVR site very soon.

SteamVR Compatibility (OpenGloves)

This project uses the OpenGloves OpenVR driver for compatibility with SteamVR, which is downloadable on Steam:

Source code available on GitHub:


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