Sensirion I2C STS4X Arduino Library

This is the Sensirion STS4X library for Arduino using the
modules I2C interface.

Click here to learn more about the STS4X
sensor and Evaluation Kit.


To install, download the latest release as .zip file and add it to your
Arduino IDE via

Sketch => Include Library => Add .ZIP Library...

Don’t forget to install the dependencies listed below the same way via Add .ZIP Library

Note: Installation via the Arduino Library Manager is coming soon.


Quick Start

  1. Connect the STS4X Sensor to your Arduino board’s standard
    I2C bus. Check the pinout of your Arduino board to find the correct pins.
    The pinout of the STS4X Sensor board can be found in the
    data sheet.

    • VDD of the SEK-STS4X to the 3.3V of your Arduino board
    • GND of the SEK-STS4X to the GND of your Arduino board
    • SCL of the SEK-STS4X to the SCL of your Arduino board
    • SDA of the SEK-STS4X to the SDA of your Arduino board
  2. Open the exampleUsage sample project within the Arduino IDE

     File => Examples => Sensirion I2C STS4X => exampleUsage
  3. Click the Upload button in the Arduino IDE or

     Sketch => Upload
  4. When the upload process has finished, open the Serial Monitor or Serial Plotter via the Tools menu to observe the measurement values. Note that
    the Baud Rate in the corresponding window has to be set to 115200 baud.


Contributions are welcome!

We develop and test this driver using our company internal tools (version
control, continuous integration, code review etc.) and automatically
synchronize the master branch with GitHub. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t
respond to issues or don’t accept pull requests on GitHub. In fact, you’re very
welcome to open issues or create pull requests 🙂

This Sensirion library uses
clang-format to standardize the
formatting of all our .cpp and .h files. Make sure your contributions are
formatted accordingly:

The -i flag will apply the format changes to the files listed.

clang-format -i src/*.cpp src/*.h

Note that differences from this formatting will result in a failed build until
they are fixed.




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