Spaceship Builder

Spaceship Builder is a shipbuilding game coming to Open Source since 2020.

Game screenshot

Building the game

Game sources are intended for game customers and Unreal Engine developers. Building from source is only useful if you want to replace the game executable with your own modifications.


You will need the following tools to build from sources:

  • Spaceship Builder uses Unreal Engine 5 as a game engine. You can get it for free at You need to download the appropriate Engine Engine 5 version from sources on GitHub – check the .uproject file as text for the current version in the “EngineAssociation” field.
  • Visual Studio Community 2022 will be used to build the game. You need the latest MSVC compiler and the Windows 10 SDK.

Build process

Follow those steps to build the game:

  • In the Windows explorer, right-click ShipBuilder.uproject and pick the “Generate Visual Studio Project Files” option.
  • An ShipBuilder.sln file will appear – double-click it to open Visual Studio.
  • Select the “Shipping” build type.
  • You can now build the game by hitting F7 or using the Build menu. This should take a few minutes.

The resulting binary will be generated as Binaries\Win64\ShipBuilder-Win64-Shipping.exe and can replace the equivalent file in your existing game folder.


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