Optimization-Based GNSS/INS Integrated Navigation System


We open-source OB_GINS, an optimization-based GNSS/INS integrated navigation system. The main features of OB_GINS are as follows:

  • A sliding-window optimizer for GNSS/INS integration;

  • Abstract IMU-preintegration implementation, including:

    • The normal IMU preintegration without the Earth’s rotation consideration;
    • The normal IMU/ODO preintegration;
    • The refined IMU preintegration with the Earth’s rotation consideration;
    • The refined IMU/ODO preintegration;
  • Implementation of the marginalization;

  • Tools for attitude parameterization and coordinate frames;

  • Tools for file IO;

Authors: Hailiang Tang, Xiaoji Niu, and Tisheng Zhang from the Integrated and Intelligent Navigation (i2Nav) Group, Wuhan University.

Related Paper:

  • Hailiang Tang, Xiaoji Niu, Tisheng Zhang, Jing Fan, and Jingnan Liu, “Exploring the Accuracy Potential of IMU Preintegration in Factor Graph Optimization,” Sep. 2021, Accessed: Sep. 08, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://arxiv.org/abs/2109.03010v1.
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1 Prerequisites

1.1 System and compiler

We recommend you use Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04 with the newest compiler (gcc>=8.0 or clang>=6.0).

1.2 Ceres

Follow Ceres installation instructions.

1.3 abseil-cpp

Follow abseil-cpp installation instructions.

1.4 Eigen3

sudo apt install libeigen3-dev

1.5 yaml-cpp

sudo apt install libyaml-cpp-dev

2 Build OB_GINS and run demo

Once the prerequisites have been installed, you can clone this repository and build OB_GINS as follows:

# Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/i2Nav-WHU/OB_GINS.git ~/

# Build OB_GINS
cd ~/OB_GINS
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../ -DCAMKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
make -j8

# Run demo dataset
cd ~/OB_GINS
./bin/ob_gins ./dataset/ob_gins.yaml

# Wait until the program finish

3 Datasets

3.1 Demo dataset

We offer a demo dataset with configuration file, which are located at dataset directory.

3.2 awesome-gins-datasets

One can find our open-source datasets at awesome-gins-datasets.

3.3 Your own dataset

The data formats used in OB_GINS are the same as the formats defined at awesome-gins-datasets. You can follow the formats to prepare your own datasets, or you can modify the source code as you need.

4 Acknowledgements

We thanks VINS-Fusion for providing a excellent platform for SLAM learners.

5 License

The source code is released under GPLv3 license.

We are still working on improving the code reliability. For any technical issues, please contact Hailiang Tang ([email protected]) or open an issue at this repository.

For commercial usage, please contact Prof. Xiaoji Niu ([email protected]).


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