xiaomi curtain esphome integration (offline version)

This is an offline version of xiaomi curtain. It uses native esphome custom cover component so it does not rely on any xiaomi IoT environment.


My curtain motor model is babai.curtain.190812. The protocol is xiaomi.


The curtain motor is controller by sending serial commands to control the motor. The commands can be sniffed by serial monitor, they are defined in protocol.md.
Then we can use another esp board to control the motor using these commands with esphome, so that we can use hass to control the motor without Miot.


  1. Take the board out of the shell.
    Stock board
  2. Solder the stock board off the motor controller.
    motor controller
  3. Flash the binary onto a new esp board. I choose to keep the stock board in case I would like to switch back in the future.
    esp board
  4. Install the new esp core to the motor controller.

Known Problem

[ ] The curtain is not stable on responding to the command. Sometimes the curtain does not open/close on requesting unless retrying from home assistant.
[ ] The position move is not stable.

All these are due to the motor controller not respect the command sent by the esp board reliablely.



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