An Avisynth Median Filter by ajk


Forum thread: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=170216

Forum thread: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/362361-Median%28%29-plugin-for-AviSynth



Vapoursynth port https://github.com/dubhater/vapoursynth-median

Change log

20220301 v0.7 (pinterf)

  • move to github: https://github.com/pinterf/AjkMedian
  • add README.md, build
  • add Window version resource to DLL
  • Update Avisynth headers
  • pass frame properties
  • move to VS2019 (v142 toolset)
  • add CMake build environment
  • Linux/GCC friendly source
  • DLL/so name is changed to AjkMedian/libajkpedian (from simple Median – possible name collisions)

20190201 v0.6 (TomArrow)

  • https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1864406
  • Support RGB64 (but not the fast processing mode that’s supported in the 8-bit color spaces)
  • Implement the new AviSynth+ API (V6)
  • Have both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms set up for VS 2017 (not sure if backwards compatible for older VS versions, but maybe?)

201511xx 0.6 (ajk)

  • Added sync functionality

20140215 0.5 (ajk)

  • the plugin will accept between 3 and 25 clips
  • chroma processing can be turned off with “chroma=false”, or in the case of RGB32 this will turn off processing for the alpha channel
  • there is also a more configurable MedianBlend() function, see examples in the readme or posts further below
  • Added TemporalMedian functionality

20140214 0.4 (ajk)

  • Added MedianBlend functionality

20140213 0.3 (ajk)

  • Added support for RGB and planar formats

20140212 0.1 (ajk)

  • Initial release. YUY2 support only

Build Instructrions

Windows MSVC

  • build from IDE

Windows GCC

(mingw installed by msys2)
From the ‘build’ folder under project root:

del ..\CMakeCache.txt
cmake .. -G "MinGW Makefiles"
cmake --build . --config Release  

Linux build instructions

  • Clone repo

      git clone https://github.com/pinterf/AjkMedian
      cd AjkMedian
      cmake -B build -S .
      cmake --build build

    Useful hints:
    build after clean:

    cmake --build build --clean-first

    delete CMake cache

    rm build/CMakeCache.txt
  • Find binaries at

  • Install binaries

      cd build
      sudo make install


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