Augmented Hip

Augmented Hip, a new hip tracker, which estimates your hip’s position and orientation from your feet and head.

Demonstration (Vive Trackers)

Watch the video

Demonstration (Kinect)

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Method 1

  • Download the zip file from Releases
  • Extract it to any folder
  • Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog, and paste in %localappdata%/openvr then press Enter to open the folder in a file explorer.
  • Open the file openvrpaths.vrpath with notepad.
  • Add the FULL FILE PATH to the "external_drivers" block, as show below:
  • ⚠ Make sure that the file ONLY CONTAINS DOUBLE BACKSLASHES \\

    You can also use forward slashes /

	"config" : 
		"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\config"
	"external_drivers" : 
	"jsonid" : "vrpathreg",
	"log" : 
		"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\logs"
	"runtime" : 
		"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\SteamVR"
	"version" : 1

Method 2

You can also install it into the direct drivers folder.

Access the SteamVR folder

opening steamvr local files

Go to the drivers folder and create a new folder with whatever name you want. Maybe augmented-hip

Copy the files and folders from the zip file in Releases:


into that newly created folder.

An installer will be coming soon


My hip flips when I slightly turn around!

Ensure that the tracker on your left foot is using the “Left Foot” tracker role, and, also, that the tracker on your right foot is using using the “Right Foot” tracker role.

If you can find the menu to do so by opening SteamVR settings and going to the Manage Vive Trackers section under the Controllers tab.

You can figure out which tracker is which by clicking the “Identify” button.

Opening the tracker roles page

AugmentedHip doesn’t appear in my SteamVR add-ons list

Make sure that your openvrpaths.vrpath file doesn’t contain malformed JSON. If you still have issues join the KinectToVR Discord server for support in the #aughip-help channel.

I have another problem!

Join the KinectToVR Discord server for support in the #aughip-help channel.


This SteamVR Add-on is licensed under GPL-3


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