Welcome to the MonsterShooter source code! This is an approximate game project in the genre of arcade action with RPG elements, created in collaboration with @Aetherverse for Unreal Engine 4. We plan to keep updating it in future releases to showcase our latest best practices. While the released feature set is only a basic foundation, this game is intended to be an excellent starting point for game developers to create new projects, as well as a practical learning resource.


  • Numbered branches identify past and upcoming official releases, and the release branch always reflects the current official release. These are extensively tested. We work hard to make releases stable and reliable.

  • Most active development on Monster Shooter happens in the master branch. This branch reflects the cutting edge of the game and may be buggy — it may not even compile.

Other short-lived branches may pop-up from time to time as we stabilize new releases or hotfixes.


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