DotA 2 RPC (dota2-rpc-client)


Allows you to observe the status of your DotA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2) match within the Discord, through the Rich Presence service.

What is?

This is a service that allows you to show your Discord friends information about the matches you play and watch within DotA 2.

Share real-time information about what happens in your game with everyone.


Feature Preview
Check what your friends are watching.

Show off your heroes with your favorite skins.

Show your skills of accumulating money in the game

Show your items and your buffs.

[Alpha] Modified map support.


Follow the step-by-step below to install your version of DotA 2 RPC

  • Download the latest software version on the Releases page;
  • Unzip the file in a folder of your preference. (There are many files, then be careful!🙃);
  • Open the file and everything will be ready!


  • Open the file to remove the installation of your computer;
  • If you want, you can delete all the files.

Advanced Users

This software is registered as Windows service. If you are looking for other options, here are other ways to use the application.

dota2-rpc-client.exe <flag>
Flag Description
-i Install the DotA 2 RPC as a service.
-r Uninstall the service, if installed.
-s If installed, start the service.
-e If installed, stop the service.
-f Execute the DotA 2 RPC like a Console Application.

Compilations Instructions

Want to improve the project or compile a version outside the official channel?

See the Contribution Section to read more instructions or clone this repository.

This project mainly uses 3 libraries to work. Are they:

  • Discord SDK – A Library for Integration with the Discord application;
  • Drogon C++ – A web framework written with C++;
  • SrvLib – A library for creating services in Windows and Linux.

This is a project made with CMake, these libraries are downloaded during the first compilation of the software and placed in a folder called third_party.

With the repository downloaded, run the command:

 cmake --build {folder} --config Debug --target dota2-rpc-client -j {threads}

If you choose not to use automatic compilation and want to download libraries on your own, you can use the vcpkg to install the Discord SDK and the Drogon C++.

An installation guide for the Drogon C++ dependencies can be found on this page.


Feel free to submit issues and enhancement requests.


  1. Fork the project
  2. Create a branch for your modification (git checkout -b my-new-resource)
  3. Do the commit (git commit -am 'Adding a new resource...')
  4. Push (git push origin my-new-resource)
  5. Create a new Pull Request


Images, names, and any entities related to DotA 2 are copyrighted by Valve Corporation. This software only uses the data shared by the game, but it is not related to the original game.


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