CPP implementation of ALIKE

ALIKE applies a differentiable keypoint detection module to detect accurate sub-pixel keypoints. The network can run at 95 frames per second for 640 x 480 images on NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal) GPU and achieve equivalent performance with the state-of-the-arts. ALIKE benefits real-time applications in resource-limited platforms/devices. Technical details are described in this paper.

Xiaoming Zhao, Xingming Wu, Jinyu Miao, Weihai Chen, Peter C. Y. Chen, Zhengguo Li, "ALIKE: Accurate and Lightweight Keypoint
Detection and Descriptor Extraction," IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2022.

If you use ALIKE in an academic work, please cite:

    title = {ALIKE: Accurate and Lightweight Keypoint Detection and Descriptor Extraction},
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1. Prerequisites

The implementation mainly based on OpenCV and libtorch.

sudo apt install libopencv-dev
  • libtorch

Download libtorch and unzip it to the repository root.

  • OpenMP (Optional)

Tested environment:


2. Build

Build the demo program.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

3. Run demo

$ ./build/demo -h
  ./build/demo input model {OPTIONS}



      -h, --help                        Display this help menu
      input                             Image directory or movie file or
                                        'camera0' (for webcam0).
      model                             Path of alike torchscript model.
      --cuda                            Use cuda or not.
      --top_k=[top_k]                   Detect top K keypoints. <=0 for
                                        threshold based mode, >0 for top K mode.
                                        [default: -1]
      --scores_th=[scores_th]           Detector score threshold. [default: 0.2]
      --n_limit=[n_limit]               Maximum number of keypoints to be
                                        detected. [default: 5000]
      --ratio=[ratio]                   Ratio in FLANN matching process.
                                        [default: 0.7]
      --no_display                      Do not display images to screen. Useful
                                        if running remotely.
      --no_subpixel                     Do not detect sub-pixel keypoints.
      "--" can be used to terminate flag options and force all following
      arguments to be treated as positional options

4. Examples

KITTI example

./build/demo  assets/kitti models/alike-t.pt --cuda

TUM example

./build/demo  assets/tum models/alike-t.pt --cuda

For more details, please refer to the paper.


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