Adds virtual reality support to flatscreen Unreal Engine games

Sneak peek below 👀


If you have any ideas for features, or want to implement a feature yourself, please email me or send a DM on Discord to TheNewJavaman#3966.

I currently use Rider 2022.1 EAP to develop this project (with Visual Studio 2022 build tools). You can get a free license of Rider by downloading the EAP version via JetBrains Toolbox. Versions <2022.1 don’t have C++/Unreal Engine support merged into mainline.

Note: VS 2022 is still needed for some tasks:

  • Compiling HLSL shaders; there are a few custom settings, contact me for more info
  • Profiling C++ code

Features Todolist

  • Switch to OpenXR
  • Optimize graphics pipeline (WIP; can always do more)
  • Fix resolution
  • Head tracking
  • GUI for editing options/launching games
  • Allow remapping actions to VR controllers
  • Allow scaling world vs. virtual space
  • Synchronized eye rendering
  • Customizable motion controls in certain games


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