Addon that binds the libsm64 to godot via GDNative, allowing to integrate mario into any Godot project

How to

Pull this repo and initialize the submodules.

compile the godot-cpp and libsm64 projects individually.

run the compilation script in the addons/libsm64/sm64_handler folder for the desired platform (Windows requires a MinGW instalation).

This addon adds two componets:

  • SM64Handler: Resource. Should have one instance in your project’s filesystem.
  • Mario: Spatial node. Can have multiple in any scene.

You should first call global_init() on the SM64Handler after setting the ROM’s path on the instance. After that, feed the faces of the statics surfaces’ meshes to the static_surfaces_load() (better interface pending). Lastly, Call create() on the Mario nodes to initialize them. This repo works as an example project, check it out!


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