Made a binary calculator using Arduino Uno, LCD display and push buttons.

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There are five pushbuttons connected to the Arduino.
? The first three are used to enter the binary digits.
? Forth is used to go to the next screen.
? Fifth is to turn the LCD backlight ON/OFF.

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? When we first turn the device on, ‘bin_cal’ is displayed and screen turns blank.
? Press button 4 to start. Screen to enter first binary digit appears.

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The top line shows binary version and bottom line shows decimal version.

? Using first three buttons toggle between the individual bits to get required 3-bit binary digit.
? Press button four to enter next digit. Repeat same method as before.
? Then press button four again to get the sum.

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Sum is also displayed in both binary and decimal form.

? Press button four to add next set of binary digits.


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