This is a source built with in an hour so it has many sharp edges, but it works fine tho, i actually removed the aimbot from this source cz its kinda private but it isnt hard to do.

This project uses the functionality of Windows GDI function exposed to C++ with ease, it uses the source of NULL for Driver (connection from kernal to user mode, for more info read about ring 0)

I also have added comments on Main.cpp file for newbies and the rest is self-explanatory, so i hope you guys get an idea about how this works.

Now for those who doesnt play Apex-Legends and want to make esp for their own game, its a great news that this source can work on ANY GAME, because it uses windows gdi its easy to build just read correct offsets and add stuffs you need,

Remember you CANNOT play your game on full screen as this is an external cheat.

#How to Build This?

  1. Download Visual Studios
  2. Download WDK and SDK for Windows 10 or 11 or any version required (Official Microsoft Website holds the Required files)
  3. Download Visual Studio Components –
    Under Desktop and Mobile Tab

    • Desktop Development with C++
      • MSVC C++
      • C++/CLI Module
      • MFSC/C++ Module
    • Universal Windows Platform Development
    • .Net Desktop Development

Download these but if theres an error do download the other files (actually i dont remember which files to download exactly, lol)

Contributors -:

This Source includes KdMapper made by The CURZ – https://github.com/TheCruZ/kdmapper

The Driver Source is created by NullTerminator, Subscribe to him – https://www.youtube.com/c/NullTerminator
(The source is probably Detected so Change the Signature and the assembly opcode, will make a tutorial on how to change that too)

The UserMode is Made By Ascarre so Go, Join and Support My Telegram Channel – https://t.me/ascarrehacks



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