Siesta Clock

  • A Windows Clock written in C++ with Qt Framework

How it was built

  • Recently, I have an idea of making a lightweight clock/timer software and also for my first software project. And yeah, it took me arround a day to deal with everything.
  • The app is still in development tho, but anyways…everything will be better in the near future. There will be more updates on this.

Working in general

  • Well it is simple ngl. I just have to use ctime library(which is built in) in C++ and then implement everything into Qt Framework.
  • I also use QML programming language, which is a markup language. It is easy so ofc, I chose that.

Supprting me

  • If you want to support me, you can click here if you can. Please give it a star if you like.
  • To help me imporve the app, just do a pull request…bruh.




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