A virtual machine for Arduino, allowing dynamic program updates.

Based on my implementation of CHIP-8, where the gaming related instructions are removed, and instead instructions for IO pin controlling are added.

The following instructions that are related to games (drawing, etc.) are removed:

  • 00E0
  • DXYN
  • EX9E
  • EXA1
  • FX0A
  • FX18
  • FX29

The following instructions that are related to IO control are added:

  • EXA1 – sets the pin mode X to the pin (value in first register)
  • E0A2 – does analogRead to the first register and stores the result in the second register
  • E0A3 – does analogWrite to the first register using the value from the second register
  • E0A4 – sleep for second register’s value milliseconds

Registers are changed from 8 bit to 16 bit.

In order to reload a program, use the 0000 instruction to halt the VM and restart.

Tested on ESP32 Arduino (LOLIN D32).


Boro Sitnikovski


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