search – With Better UX

search is a program to search the desired folder/file in your file system. search is similar to the find and fd program, but provides a better user experience to select a specific search result.

No More Copy & Paste




  • cmake with version 3.10+
  • g++ / clang++ compiler
  • UNIX environemnt


  1. Clone this repository into your working directory using git clone command
  2. Change the directory to the cloned directory
  3. Compile the program as an executable search
  4. Move the program to the directory /usr/bin, it requires superuser permission
    sudo mv /build/search /usr/bin/search

How to Use

The program uses the following syntax:

search [OPTIONS]... [PATTERN]


The program supports searching with the use of REgex. For example,

search \.cpp$ – to search all the files end with cpp extension in the current working directory.

search cpp – to search all the files/folders containing the word cpp.


Currently, the program only supports the flags -s, -source.

flags descriptions example
-s, -source This flag set the root directory of the searching search -s src

Using the Program

The program contains two modes: (1) Control Mode, and (2) Command Mode. By default, the Control Mode is on.

Quit the Program

Control Mode Only You can quit the program by pressing the key q

Moving Around

Control Mode Only You can move the page up and down by using the Arrow Up / k and Arrow Down / j respectively.

Command Execution

Command Mode Only To enter Command Mode, type :. After entering the Command Mode, you can start typing the command. To switch back to Control Mode, press the key ESC.

You can use the listed number on the left to use as the arguments of your command with the format _index. To include all the listed items, use the symbol _0. For example,

: vim _1 #It opens the listed file with index 1 in the vim editor 


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