MetaSpore: One-stop machine learning development platform

MetaSpore is a one-stop end-to-end machine learning development platform that provides a full-cycle framework and development interface for from data preprocessing, model training, offline experiments, online predictions to online experiment bucketization and ab-testing.

MetaSpore is developed and opensourced by DMetaSoul team. You could also join our slack user discussion space.

MetaSpore Architecture

Core Features

MetaSpore has the following features:

  1. One-stop end-to-end development, from offline model training to online prediction and bucketing experiments, with a unified development experience across the entire process;
  2. Deep learning training framework, compatible with PyTorch ecology, supports distributed large-scale sparse feature learning;
  3. The training framework is connected with PySpark to seamlessly read the training data from the data lake and data warehouse;
  4. High-performance online prediction service, supports fast inference for neural network, decision tree, Spark ML, SKLearn and other models; supports heterogeneous computing inference acceleration;
  5. In the offline unified feature extraction framework, the online feature reading logic is automatically generated, and the feature extraction logic is unified cross offline and online;
  6. Online algorithm application framework, providing model prediction, experiment bucketing and traffic splitting, dynamic hot loading of parameters and rich debug functions;
  7. Rich industry algorithm examples and end-to-end solutions.

Documentation and examples

Installation package download

We provide a precompiled offline training installation package: download link. This package requires Python 3.8.

After downloading, in the Python 3.8 environment, execute the installation through the command line:

pip install pyspark
pip install torch==1.11.0+cpu -f
pip install metaspore-1.0.0+9591a50-cp38-cp38-linux_x86_64.whl

Compile the code


For questions about usage, you can post questions in GitHub Discussion, or through GitHub Issue.


Email us at [email protected].


Join our user discussion slack channel: MetaSpore User Discussion

Open source projects

MetaSpore is a completely open source project released under the Apache License 2.0. Participation, feedback, and code contributions are welcome.


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