A UC Base for GTA5 made in 2 or so days



  • HashMapping must be changed for steam

Projects used

  • ImGui (
  • FMT (
  • BigBaseV2 (
  • BigBaseV1 (


  • This base is STRICTLY for educational purposes and I am not affilated with any projects linked to this. Use at your own risk.
  • This was made in 2-3 days with the sole purpose of being basic but useable (with somewhat modern code, don’t quoute me though), so there may be hidden issues.
  • It is not using a crossmaping conventional system but it is using entry points. The upsides are faster execution and threading issues are less common. The downsides are you need to change the crossmaping for steam and epic/rockstar, which is gay. To convert a crossmapping to the proper formatting, please use the included tool with the notes included.


Email – [email protected] Discord – Vali#0004 Reddit – diorvali YouTube – Falling Star


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