Wordle Advicer

A Toy project about Wordle puzzle solver in C++, CUI


Based on the algorithm explained on
3Blue1Brown‘s video
“Solving Wordle using information
. Thank you for your
great inspiring video! My implementation tries to minimize the expected number
of total guesses, without any look-ahead step (simple algorithm).

The word dictionary sorted by the frequencies is fetched from
Thank you for your hard works!

Install Prerequisites

Please install g++ and cmake to build the project.

apt-get update
apt-get install g++ cmake

Build and Play

To build the project, please run


If the compilation is successfully done, then you can see two binaries
./build/src/play/Play and ./build/src/play/Advice.

Play mode

Wordle game play mode. Please type ./build/src/play/Play on your terminal.

  • You can use a (pretty decent) Wordle advicer by typing 'y' in the beginning.
  • Guess small-case 5-lettered words that are listed in the dictionary.txt.
    • GREEN for exact matches, YELLOW for includes, and DEFAULT color for excludes
      as we all know.
  • Type "give up" if you want to give up and see the answer word.
  • Type "undo" to undo the latest guess.

Advice mode

Advice mode when you are playing Wordle game externally (e.g., NYT). Please type
./build/src/play/Advice on your terminal.

  • It will provide top-8 word suggestions.
  • You can give the external Wordle game’s feedback;
    • The feedback string should contains only small-case alphabets ('a''z')
      and '0', '1', '2'.
    • The number of alphabet letters should be 5.
    • The letters that came after '0' (default) are EXCLUDES, '1' are
      INCLUDES(YELLOW) and '2' are for EXACT_MATCH(GREEN).

      • For example, the feedback "wo1r2d0s" is valid, the parsed guess is
        "words" and the result state for each letter is {EXCLUDES, EXCLUDES, INCLUDES, EXACT_MATCH, EXCLUDES}.
  • Type "done" if you finish your game and want to restart or quit the advicer.
  • Type "undo" to undo the latest feedback.


Several TODO to implement later

  • Conservative mode support.
    • The current mode only tries to minimize the expected number of total
    • It works poorly, for example if the answer is "sates", then it will
      suggest "tares" -> "humpf" -> "dates" -> "gates" -> "bates" ->
      "nates", and you will lose the game.

      • However, if you guess "badge" instead of "dates", then you will not
        lose even though its expected number of total guesses is larger.
    • The conservative mode will try to finish the game within the 6 steps, more
      than minimizing the expected number of total guesses.
  • Also, GUI support?
    • I think users who followed this instruction might be comfortable enough in
      CUI. Low prioritized.


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