clap-info: A simple command line CLAP information tool

This is a CLAP information tool which simply loads a clap and allows you to print a variety of information about the plugin. It is primarily useful in debugging and when starting a CLAP, but also is handy for smoke tests, attaching debuggers, and so on.

We welcome pull requests and improvements.

To build

git clone
cd clap-info
git submodule update --init --recursive
cmake -Bbuild
cmake --build build

To use

The most basic usage, using all the default flags, is:

build/clap-info "/path/to/Surge XT.clap"

But you can configure the information with various degrees of probes, verbosity, and more. In this regard, the code is the documentation, but luckily our argument parser means the code is also our help screen! Try:

build/clap-info --help


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